Motto for the forum

  stalion 23:31 10 Oct 04

if we had a motto for the forum what would it be
best idea wins a trip to the moon in the year 2300 (non transferable)

  carolineann 23:44 10 Oct 04

Think I will sleep on that one before I answer.

  TOPCAT® 23:48 10 Oct 04

Hope springs eternal! :o) TC.

  TOPCAT® 23:59 10 Oct 04

...The Post Office! TC.

  end 00:29 11 Oct 04

the prize is

click here

  VoG II 07:45 11 Oct 04

aut disce aut discede (either learn or leave)

  Sapins 08:41 11 Oct 04

I came, I saw, I solved it.

  TOPCAT® 09:54 11 Oct 04

For the good of the public. TC.

  no-name 10:04 11 Oct 04

Nice one Sapins - would that be veni, vidi, certi?

  Sapins 10:16 11 Oct 04

Don't use that kind of language to me;-)

  spuds 10:17 11 Oct 04

Enter here,all that dare.

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