The Most Useless

  crosstrainer 14:40 09 Nov 07

Christmas gift ever:

click here

Unless of course, you know different :)

I have received a multitude of this type of thing over the years, from people who simply have no idea what to buy me. Have others in our midst had similar such stuff?

  Spark6 15:27 09 Nov 07

It's the thought that counts after all! I know a few in need of stress relief.

  crosstrainer 15:42 09 Nov 07

I had a cunning plan....Ask everyone to buy me a bottle of wine....Worked too, helped to make christmas pass in a blur! And I tried all kinds of wine that I probably would not have otherwise.

  anskyber 15:57 09 Nov 07

Last Xmas someone bought me a version of here

  anskyber 15:58 09 Nov 07

I'll try again. click here

  crosstrainer 16:00 09 Nov 07

Very tasteful :)

  rdave13 16:03 09 Nov 07

OK, I have to ask...have you used it? ;)

  crosstrainer 16:03 09 Nov 07

I have a mate who is christmas decoration mad....every year he plugs his house and garden into the national grid! It takes him (and me) about a week to put up all the lights etc. Your link has given me an idea for a gift:

click here

He would seriously like it:)

  crosstrainer 16:04 09 Nov 07

USB tree I meant lol

  anskyber 16:11 09 Nov 07

I did try it worked, after a fashion.

  anskyber 16:13 09 Nov 07

The USB tree, it's almost tempting to have one myself........perhaps not.

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