More rip off Britain

  interzone55 20:16 02 Apr 07

I know this is a hackneyed topic but yesterday I read of yet another example of how we are ripped of in this fair isle.

I was reading Jay Leno's car review in the Sunday Times and was shocked to find out that the Bugatti Veyron is only "a million three" in the US, now at current exchange rates that makes it a positive steal at £660,000, yet we have to pay £890,000.

Now less 5% sales tax, but plus 17.5% vat we have a US list price of £736,725. Now you're not telling me that the right-hand drive conversion costs £153,275.

That's it, Bugatti is off my list for when I trade in my Skoda Fabia

  Joe R 20:25 02 Apr 07


Oh well, have to hold on to the trusty Renault for a while longer.

  royalflush 21:13 02 Apr 07

"alan14" GREAT point & i suppose thats why some people go abroad to buy there car's simply after they pay import tax or what ever it is its simply thousands cheaper so its worth the jouney...gut greedy goverment...but u know the positvie side to all these high taxes is that the goverment are getting found out & people are now realising what its all about....putting more pressure on the goverment to sort it...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 02 Apr 07

click here It costs around £2500 to have a car converted which is about 15% of the new price, in the UK it varies between £2k and 12k...15% added to £660k is around £800k and for a car like a Veyron it will be much higher. You need to understand that only a couple of countries in the world drive on the left and if you are producing low volumes it is not economical to set up a separate production line. It is all down to wide market economics influencing small scale markets.


  hkvic 22:44 02 Apr 07

Not bad value considering the approx cost of production is reckoned to be around £5,000,000 per vehicle. click here

  interzone55 22:47 02 Apr 07

As the Veyron is completely hand built it matters not whether the steering wheel is on the left or right, the cost is essentially the same, as I think you'll find a Rolls Royce Phantom is the same price in left or right hand drive, and that is made in even smaller numbers.

  chocolate cake 22:56 02 Apr 07

there's some terrific offers open at the moment at the Bugatti store in London click here

  oresome 00:07 03 Apr 07

I called in, but wasn't impressed with the trade-in value on the Reliant Robin.

  interzone55 08:50 03 Apr 07

I was waiting for the sense of humour nerve to kick in, everyone must have been drained after Sunday

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