Morally wrong' to pay tradesmen cash in hand, says minister

  hssutton 23:19 23 Jul 12

Is it morally wrong? or is the minister just an idiot? I always pay the gas fitter in cash and also the window cleaner

Cash in hand

  Snec 23:36 23 Jul 12

If there is one thing, actually there are plenty, but just one thing that we don't want to hear from politicians is a lesson on morals.

  Kevscar1 05:43 24 Jul 12

As long as you get a receipt and I always do there is nothing wrong at all.

  mole1944 06:44 24 Jul 12

You can tell when a politicians lies there lips move,as far as i'm concerned they have no right to tell me about morals,there track record says it all. politicians don't get me started

  morddwyd 07:06 24 Jul 12

Does he really think we don't know that?

Perhaps I should start giving the window cleaner a cheque.

He could do do with brushing up on the difference between morally wrong tax avoidance, and illegal tax evasion.

  Quickbeam 07:10 24 Jul 12

It's a bit late for bolting stable doors now.

  Forum Editor 08:08 24 Jul 12

We all know what prompted this statement,and of course it's wrong to collude with a tradesperson in order for him or her to evade tax. On a technical level however, it's perfectly legal, and not at all morally wrong to pay a plumber(or anyone else) with cash.

I think the people of this country are heartily fed up with the little lectures on morality which are fast becoming a trade mark of this government. It's one thing to impose economic constraints - we can all recognise the need for that - but it's a totally different and distasteful thing to practice this constant finger wagging, as if we're all a bunch of naughty children, caught with our hands in the cookie jar.

Human nature being what it is, people will continue to behave according to their own set of moral principles, regardless of what a rather silly Minister might say.

  Snec 08:36 24 Jul 12


Well put.

  oresome 08:51 24 Jul 12

I read an article the other day that estimated the money squirreled away by the super rich to avoid tax was in the trillions of pounds and exceeded the GDP of America and Japan combined.

The most expensive houses in London are purchased via various avoidance schemes without paying stamp duty.

It seems tax is a discretionary payment for many high worth individuals and multinational corporations.

When we are truly all in this together and get equal treatment, the little person may feel more inclined to pay his fair share

  Quickbeam 08:54 24 Jul 12


Even better putted...

  Quickbeam 08:55 24 Jul 12

...unlike my grammar.

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