This Months PCA magazine late???!!!

  Sethhaniel 13:03 16 Jun 07

usually have it about 12th of month so surprised it wasn't on my doorstep this am.
Anyone else got problems ???

  Totally-braindead 13:53 16 Jun 07

This is the third post I've seen on this this past week, isn't everyone getting just a tad impatient they were only posted out on Thursday and the shop release isn't till the 21st.
click here
and click here

  WhiteTruckMan 17:11 16 Jun 07

you will probably find that by the date printed its a few months early anyhow.


  rdave13 19:34 16 Jun 07

Thought mine would be by the doorstep this morning..but no.
Have to browse here a bit longer then...

  laurie53 20:18 16 Jun 07

I take it you mean the August issue?

Musr be June already!


  rdave13 23:25 16 Jun 07

Of course it's the August version, released in June. Have you not been here long enough to cope with the time lag?

  mitsme 03:52 17 Jun 07

Hi, was just wondering myself if the Mag was late. Will just have to hold out 'til Monday morn, something to look forward to.

  ulrich 08:39 17 Jun 07

It's not the Xmas edition.

  mitsme 09:55 18 Jun 07

Mag on the mat waiting for me. There goes monday!

  Sethhaniel 11:51 18 Jun 07

will have to wait till 4:40 to see if mines there
and hopefully tick thread in morning :)

  madgamer234 11:57 18 Jun 07

is it worth buying and why?
don't see the logic in exaggerated date lines,what's the point?

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