Monopoly Tokens Get Revamped

  Quickbeam 10 Jan 13

Which would you dump?

I voted to dump the top hat and introduce the robot, but the old boot is my first choice of play token.

  Brumas 10 Jan 13

My first choice has always been the ship, being ex-merch, and I also voted for the robot. I am surprised that a token in the shape of a mobile phone wasn't included, not that I'm a great user, mine lives in the car and I have to scrape the moss off when, and if, I ever use it ;o}

  Brumas 10 Jan 13

I forgot to mention I would dump the thimble, an item of great curiosity to many young uns!

  Aitchbee 10 Jan 13

It's against my nature to 'dump' anything useful, but I voted for the wheelbarrow ... but have inadvertently saved it instead!

  Woolwell 10 Jan 13

The battleship has to go. They don't exist any more.

  Quickbeam 11 Jan 13

"The battleship has to go. They don't exist any more."

After pondering over that statement for most of a restless night, it probably makes sense to just replace all the tokens with modern counterparts.

So replace the old Vanwall car with a modern Ferarri saloon, the thimble with a strip of 'the pill', the old boot with a trendy trainer, the Scottie dog with a macho Pitbull terrier, the dreadnaught with a frigate, the top hat with a tall knitted rasta reaggae hat, the flat iron with a cordless drill and the wheelbarrow with a mobility scooter.

  Forum Editor 11 Jan 13

"I would dump the thimble, an item of great curiosity to many young uns!"

That seems to me to be an excellent reason for keeping it. This is change for change's sake, and is pointless, in my opinion.

  canarieslover 11 Jan 13

As someone who spent their early working years as a tailor I would not like to dump the flat iron or the thimble, despite it being a dressmakers thimble with the top in, but I would definitely like to dump the Scottie dog aa I have always found them to be yappy and not the most friendly of dogs.

  Quickbeam 11 Jan 13

I never imagined that thimbles were sexed for dressmakers and tailors!

  Quickbeam 11 Jan 13

...and after pondering some more in Morrisons, I suppose that the submarine should replace the battleship on account of both being capital class ships in their time.

  interzone55 11 Jan 13

The counters in my Monopoly set are an Aston Martin DBS, Oddjob’s hat, Rosa Klebb's shoe, the Acrostar airplane, Lotus Esprit submarine and a 007 logo


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