Model aeroplanes

  rdave13 19:52 21 Jun 08

How's this for some great flying; click here .Fascinating hobby.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:24 21 Jun 08

click here

Is more my speed.

I have no doubt in my own mind (although others may mock!) that I could cobble up something capable of manned flight (anyone see the scrapheap aeronautical challenge with british, french and american teams?) but I dont even want to *think* about what the CAA would do!

Bun in the past I have often found fun and relaxation simply flying a kite.


  rdave13 20:32 21 Jun 08

I have no doubt that you could build a machine capable of manned flight.

The only worrying part is the 'cobbling'...8-|

  Al94 20:34 21 Jun 08

Here's one came to grief at our local air show last year click here

  Brumas 20:39 21 Jun 08

click here

I take my hat off to those who planned and executed the original glider - no mean feat when you consider they had no proper tools and they did it without it being discovered!

  WhiteTruckMan 20:48 21 Jun 08

but unfortunately I am unable to watch streaming vid at the moment because the house apes have tied up most of my bandwidth with bbc's iPlayer.

Even so, I can only marvel at the patience and sheer ingenuity that produced such a marvel. I wonder if it would have worked, and the position the camp commandant would have been in if he had to report that an inmate had built an aircraft under their noses!


  Chegs ®™ 00:01 22 Jun 08

I love model planes and have been building them since I was a young child.I couldnt afford radio control equipment back then so built gliders with thermal fuses to bring them down after a flight or rubber-band powered planes(winding the motors though was dam infuriating)My parents bought me a control-line plane,which was great fun but limited to "brick-on-a-string" kinds of flights.I then switched to boats for a few months,then 4 wheel drive racing buggies before returning to gliders as the buggies cost more to run than a full-sized car.I'm presently the happy owner of 2 foam flying wings (Zagi) that were cheap to buy in kit-form and extremely durable as damage is simply taped over,requiring maybe once a year I take off all the tape covering and "re-skin" them.

  Pineman100 18:04 22 Jun 08

Yes, Chegs ®™, I used to build gliders like that. Do you remember the Soarer Major? I think it was a Keil Kraft kit that (after weeks of work!) made up into a wonderful double-dihedral glider with a wingspan of about four feet. You launched it with a towline, then after a given time the thermal fuse would allow the tailplane to spring up at an angle, and the aircraft would come down safely in a series of mini-stalls.

And does anyone remember Jetex engines? I imagine the Health & Safety Police probably killed them off years ago. They were a miniature jet engine that was loaded with a pellet of solid fuel. There were Jetex planes, boats and cars. Fantastic fun!

  Bingalau 18:19 22 Jun 08

This is one I have had for some time which I enjoy watching...

click here

  €dstowe 07:51 23 Jun 08

Your mention of Jetex.

I remember at school a trick played on the smokers there was to thread a piece of Jetex fuse (very thing, very fast burning stiff "string") along the length of a cigarette. When the cigarette was lit the fuse fired causing the cigarette to fall apart and dump its contents on the ground (or on the victim's lap). Not described it very well but it was highly amusing to see.

  jellyhead 11:38 23 Jun 08

Bingalau what a great video.

Pineman100 jetex is alive and well living here
click here
and click here

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