Mobile World forum - a name change request.

  belfman 17:37 22 Mar 08

Mobile World is practically dead and the only active folk are spammers so can we have the title changed to 'Gaming World' instead, of course with an appropriate snazzy intro written by the Editor?

  Forum Editor 18:08 22 Mar 08

I'm afraid you can't.

  belfman 18:10 22 Mar 08

Ok then.

  Forum Editor 18:24 22 Mar 08

and I'm not saying we'll never have a gaming form again (we had one in the past) - just that we're not planning any changes at the moment.

  Si_L 14:34 25 Mar 08

I suggested that a while ago. I think the reason that they didn't want to make one is that they had one before, and after the initial flurry of posts, it died down completely.

I would love to see a Gamers forum, but the Helproom usually does the job, and there are thousands of forums dedicated to gaming on other sites.

  belfman 20:51 25 Mar 08

It couldn't have died quicker than Business and Mobile World.

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