A missed opportunity:-(

  Sapins 08:59 15 Aug 07

I thought up this idea click here over 2 years ago and now it's been pinched!

First of all the idea was advertised here just as I used it,but with better clips to hold the ice blocks, and now today QVC are showing an updated version click here I am really upset I never patented it, and to think our quiz team is called "If only"

  Sapins 09:01 15 Aug 07

QVC link didn't work, hope this one does. click here

  Sapins 09:03 15 Aug 07

Right click on "click here" and open in a new window, best I can do, I'm too upset:-(

  Stuartli 09:07 15 Aug 07

You may have thought the idea up but, once it's been made public, it's too late...:-)

That's why the Patent Office stresses so strongly that you keep such ideas completely secret until the right moment.

  Sapins 09:19 15 Aug 07

I've just read how to apply for a patent and you are right it's too late and to cap it all it isn't that expensive to apply, my keyboard is about to float off my desk.......

  Bingalau 09:24 15 Aug 07

Sapins. Back to the drawing board then... If you can think up one idea you can think up more! Remember "Robert the Bruce" and that spider?

  Sapins 09:26 15 Aug 07

Remember "Robert the Bruce" and that spider?

I do, but my wife kills spiders on sight;-)

  Sapins 09:40 15 Aug 07


  Sapins 10:11 15 Aug 07

Just done a Google search, this idea was patented at least as far back as 1997, so I can dry my eyes and my keyboard!

Another thought, can I continue using "my" idea without a licence?

  oresome 10:34 15 Aug 07

It'll never catch on here. The heating has turned on two days running.

If you could turn your mind to ground pumps or water power it might be more useful.

  octal 10:44 15 Aug 07

That's nothing new, I've been bending wire coat hangers to hold those blocks in front of the normal fan for years, so if it's any consolation they are not making any money out of me.

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