Mine is a large one please with all the trimmings!

  TopCat® 02 Jul 13

This entrepreneur has found a nice niche in the ice cream market and is doing well on the river in York. On reflection, I am surprised no-one has 'floated' this idea before. Good luck to the guy for his enterprising idea. What say you? TC.

  wiz-king 02 Jul 13

Might be a little flaky.

  bumpkin 02 Jul 13

Novel idea, good luck to the guy.

  csqwared 02 Jul 13

There's been an ice cream/tea and coffee selling barge moored on the canal adjacent to Salts Mill @ Saltaire for quite some time. Does quite a nice trade as it's also adjacent to a park and sports area plus the walkers/cyclists on the tow path.

  sunnystaines 02 Jul 13

I remember back in 60's icecream vans came round the estates with their chims ringing had to be before 7pm. loads of kids came out for ice creams. now you only see them in parks or street cornors in london.

  morddwyd 02 Jul 13

"now you only see them in parks or street cornors in london. Like this post "

Still get them every weekend, also the mobile chippy.

  Quickbeam 02 Jul 13

I'm surprised that H&S hasn't targeted the mobile chippue.

  morddwyd 03 Jul 13

In what respect?

  Forum Editor 03 Jul 13

It's always good to see someone with a bit of initiative having a go. I hope his business is a great success.

  Quickbeam 03 Jul 13

"In what respect?"

A hundred litres or so of cooking oil in a moving vehicle at a temperature of around 180 C would present a considerable scald and fire risk in even a minor accident.

Surely you would have identified that one.

  BT 03 Jul 13

I think the profit from selling ice cream in the 60s was about 300% not sure what the profit margin is nowadays.

May years ago I worked for a company one branch of which made products from Soya beans. One of these products was a milk like liquid which was for making soft ice cream (Mr Whippy style). The carton was about one or two litres and was put into the machine and topped up with lots of water, which then made large numbers of cones of soft 'ice cream'. Not sure if this is still how its made, but they sold lots of water and there wasn't an awful lot of cream involved.


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