Minder... and The Rockford Files

  Graham. 15:28 12 Oct 10

Didn't see them first time round, but in the latest series of Minder with Gary Webster on ITV 4, why does Dave of the Winchester Club always wear a polo neck shirt? He looks silly.

And why does The Rockford Files on ITV 1 have signage for the deaf? Target audience?

  Strawballs 15:51 12 Oct 10

Minder was never the same after Dennis Waterman left!

  sunnystaines 17:27 12 Oct 10

dave has a goiter, may like to keep it covered, visible in earlier series

  Armchair 17:39 12 Oct 10

I dunno, but I think 'The Rockford Files' is a quality show, and I've enjoyed watching a few series of it on DVD.

Cannot be bothered with 'Minder' now, though, no matter which era of the show it is.

Off topic...... Noticed that Yesterday is showing the 1972 tv series 'Colditz' from October 26th. Looking forward to seeing that. Am enjoying 'The Onedin Line' repeats on the same channel atm.

  morddwyd 19:59 12 Oct 10

Interesting aside to the Colditz link.

Although the British made great play of the escaping record, the French prisoners were a much bigger thorn in the side of the Germans.

  lucky1 20:21 12 Oct 10

....and did you know parts of Colditz were filmed at Stirling Castle. Just thought I'd throw that in to show I'm paying attention!!!

  ronalddonald 20:29 12 Oct 10

that minder needs to mind his own business,

  wee eddie 23:55 12 Oct 10

'Cos that was what people wore

  KremmenUK 07:26 13 Oct 10

I've also wondered why programs with subtitles have signage? Maybe catering for telly's that don't have subtitles?

I agree that Minder should have finished when Dennis left. They got a bit far fetched after that.

  morddwyd 09:01 13 Oct 10

"why programs with subtitles have signage?"

Not everybody can read, and even those that can may be be dyslexic.

  DANZIG 09:44 13 Oct 10

I love watching oldish British shows and dramas.

Minder, The Professionals, The Sweeney etc etc

If only for the mad fashions and old cars. Many a time the other half and I sit there going 'ooh! A Mark 1 Escort, my Dad used to have one of them!'

The Professionals I find is the best for dated stuff. I think because it was meant to be cutting edge when it first came out dates it so much.

The Sweeney is great if only to see Inspector Morse beating the bejeesus out of a villain driving around a muddy car park in a knackered Jag'.

Minder was indeed rubbish after Waterman left. " 'it 'im Terry ".

The Rockford Files has one the best theme tunes ever, in my opinion.

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