Microsoft's Longorn, Here we go again...

  powerless 00:26 28 Aug 04

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From themselves to the people...

XP benefits as well.

But Longhorn gets shot of some of its technology.

  powerless 00:27 28 Aug 04

Thats how we say it down here ;-))

  no-name 10:25 28 Aug 04

Powerless don't know about longorn, but it's surely longtime coming :-)

  Valvegrid 11:20 28 Aug 04

Oookayy, I've read the article a couple of times, and parts of it may just as well be written in fluent Mandarin, especially the description about "Indigo", 'interoperability' that's not an English word, I can only guess it means its going to work with other things, what other things I shudder to think, only more interdependencies within Windows? I don't know.

No doubt Longorn will be another source of entertainment like XP has been, time will tell.

  sidecar sid 13:28 28 Aug 04

I'm so excited i may not sleep for the next two years.

  spuds 16:09 28 Aug 04

Longhorn 2007 :o)

  Chris the Ancient 18:56 28 Aug 04

Quote from that page...

"Microsoft will deliver a Windows storage subsystem, code-named "WinFS," after the "Longhorn" release. The new storage system provides advanced data organization and management capabilities and will be in beta testing when the "Longhorn" client becomes available."

This was decoded by the BBC this morning as meaning that they can't get WinFS ready in time like they were meant to do, but to achieve a 2006 delivery of Longhorn, they'll add it later.

Uncle Bill is so emphatic that Longhorn has to come out in 2006 that it seems he's going to cut a few corners to do it.

Seems I've heard that song before somewhere ;o))


  smokingbeagle 19:29 28 Aug 04


  stalion 20:06 28 Aug 04

delays with longhorn like everything else not expected till 2009

  Chris the Ancient 20:09 28 Aug 04

Are we all being cynical - or what?


  Valvegrid 20:18 28 Aug 04

Chris, I don't think there's much cynicism there, its just that we all know what MS are like.

Is there anyone running a book on if they will get longhorn out on time? I'll put five squid on it they won't. Or will they change that silly name?

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