Microsoft V Motorola

  rdave13 23 May 12

Another patent 'war' erupts with a possible threat to the X-Box.X-Box banned?.

Now another giant is involved, Google buys Motorola. Whatever happens I suppose it's the customers that eventually pays the cost for these lawsuits.

  Aitchbee 23 May 12

I don't give a hoot.

  Woolwell 23 May 12

AitchBEE - If you don't give a hoot then don't post. Meaningless posts are irritating.

Paying for lawsuits has to come out of profits/income. Profits come from the customers. So the customer pays.

  Forum Editor 23 May 12

"Paying for lawsuits has to come out of profits/income. Profits come from the customers. So the customer pays."

Actually the shareholders pay - or rather they don't receive.

Products have to be priced competitively, so consumers will buy them. A company can't simply hike selling prices in order to offset the costs of legal battles. Those costs do impact on company profits, and therefore on shareholder dividends - they don't directly affect consumers.

  Woolwell 23 May 12

FE - Of course you're correct and I should have known that.

However there must come a time when the large shareholders will say enough is enough.

  wiz-king 24 May 12

Many of these cases are settled out of court - it's a game of bluff where both firms know that neither of them will 'win' and they are strutting their stuff to gain maximum profit with minimum loss.

  spuds 24 May 12


And at the same time, legal companies are making large amounts of money in these type of cases, which of cause, someone as to pay?.

Off subject, but I still recall the Kodak DX3700 camera saga, and how the legal people (from both sides of the pond), and the UK Trading Standards dealt with that?.

  rdave13 24 May 12

I'm puzzled that these big companies, with their legal teams, continually use other patented apps this way. Do they knowingly do it, knowing that there will be a law suit, and at the final settlement, whether out of court or not, they get a guarantee of permission to use these patents? Possibly just applying to use these patents would result in refusal and take time?

  spuds 24 May 12

"guarantee of permission to use these patents?"

The world's an expanding place, and I think that you might have the answer from perhaps China?.

  interzone55 24 May 12

I think the fault ultimately lies with the US Patent Office, which will issue patents without checking.

Kodak have now started to use the courts as a source of revenue, but this week a Judge ruled against Kodak in a case against RIM (Blackberry) and Apple, as the Patent in question was invalid on the grounds of "Obviousness"

  finerty 25 May 12

woolwell what is your going concern over this issue, do you have shares or some kind of monetary interest?


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