Microsoft Hardware

  zootmo 20:44 06 Aug 04

Lots of threads in the helproom involving Microsoft software. Anyone have a view about Microsoft hardware? I'm typing this (after a fashion) on a wireless Ms keyboard ditto wireless mouse.

I've got a Ms Sidewinder joystick (Flight sim fan) a spare Ms USB mouse and an old ball Ms mouse and some other kit.

The point I'm making is that Ms's hardware is brilliant kit, all my hardware has had a heck of a pounding one way and another over the years and it's still in good nick!

I've tried other kit sure, but I still think
Ms's hardware is hard to beat, what does the Forum think?

  georgemac 21:11 06 Aug 04

I agree 100% - top quality stuff and not always very expensive either.

  CurlyWhirly 22:58 06 Aug 04


I agree as well!
I have a Microsoft joypad and I have accidentally trod on it loads of times and it is still working even after this abuse.

  Forum Editor 23:11 06 Aug 04

other than Microsoft keyboards and Microsoft mice.

Put simply they're the best in the world.

  Kate B 22:24 10 Aug 04

I love my Mac keyboard and mouse! I'm a touch typist and I think the Mac keyboard is the nicest I've ever used. I'm rather coveting one of the just-discontinued big Mac TFTs with the clear surround. Kustom PCs has a doohickey you can use to connect it to a PC.

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