melon art

  sunnystaines 07:20 12 Aug 10

just thought some might like to see these fantastic melon art pics

click here

  Quickbeam 07:34 12 Aug 10

The Van Gough one looks very meloncholy...

  wiz-king 08:05 12 Aug 10

Comments like that give me the pip and make me feel seedy for the rest of the day...

  Quickbeam 08:18 12 Aug 10

I've only just spotted that that phrase was used under the picture... can't think of another:(

  Quickbeam 08:20 12 Aug 10

...but how much are puddings at this chef's restaurant? More than £4.99 I'll bet.

  sunnystaines 08:32 12 Aug 10

they will play Meloncholy music as you dine.

  jack 08:44 12 Aug 10

or any other cruise I guess,and vegetable carving will feature in the self serve servery.
Last year on the above Carib cruise across Halloween- there was a competition from the catering
dept and we 'cruisers' had to select the winner

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Legolas 08:51 12 Aug 10

They look suspiciously like some of my work mates. Only they are are better looking ;)

  sunnystaines 08:53 12 Aug 10

got our first cruise in dec its your braemar in the W.I.

Perhaps they may be doing similar with the veg.

  jack 10:46 12 Aug 10

The Breamar is a lovely vessel and just the right size- a tiddler compared to the behemoths that surround you in the various ports of call
Even so she is one third larger than when originally built.
They cut her in half and slipped in another 90 or so cabins -
As you walk alongside the ship when you go ashore look to see if you can see the join.
We were never sure if we spotted it.
But the deck has some strange gradients here and there- as if the new piece was a wee bit too large

  sunnystaines 20:51 12 Aug 10

thanks for feedback

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