Blackhat 23:40 05 Mar 07

Saw a TV advert tonight from sky digital offering upto 8MG download speed, the voice over clearly said 8 megaBIT. Is it my hearing or has anyone else spotted this? Surely a broadband provider should know what It should be called?

  Jak_1 23:56 05 Mar 07

I think you will find they are correct in saying megabits!

  Kate B 23:57 05 Mar 07

An ISP would but I wouldn't count on a scriptwriter at an ad agency!

  Friday's Child 23:59 05 Mar 07

I agree with you, Internet speeds are normally measured in bits and downloads in bytes.

  Bob The Nob© 00:39 06 Mar 07

8 MegaBITs = 1 megaBYTE

  rodriguez 11:11 06 Mar 07

The speed is also UPTO 8 Meg - this means that the speed you actually get could be quite lower depending on your line quality and distance from the exchange. They are right in quoting megaBIT as there are 8 bits in a byte so to work out your maximum data transfer rate, you just divide your connected speed by 8, which will usually be in Kilobytes per second unless you're connected at the full 8 Meg.

  Monument 11:22 06 Mar 07

Data rate otherwise known as bitrate is always measured in bits. click here

I have a 10Mbps download and 384Kbps upload. So the TV advert was corrrect.

I dream of having a 10MBps connection :o)

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