MechKB - the Invisible Man

  lotvic 13:09 04 May 14

We're all looking for you click here

  lotvic 14:16 04 May 14

LT2nd, as you say, possible, I hadn't been following that thread. Wonder if we will ever know. I'm going to read it through but on first glance it seems to have gone the way of insults (having been on receiving end of know-it-all in past it's the reason I now rarely post on Sp Corner).

  bumpkin 14:17 04 May 14

I think I see what you are hinting at but that was 3wks ago.

  lotvic 14:41 04 May 14

Yes it's puzzling, and it doesn't explain why ALL posts have vanished - something that only usually happens to spammers. I'm hoping it is a mistake or glitch or somebody pressed the wrong button, I found MechKB's posts to be interesting.

  bumpkin 15:02 04 May 14

This is getting more bizarre, I can't really see how Geoff96 relates to the shrinking man.

  lotvic 15:24 04 May 14

bumpkin, don't think Geoff96 (person) does. It's the content of his post that possibly gives a clue to the fact of Mech's posts vanished. The question is has MechKB been banned or is it a mistake, glitch etc.?

  bumpkin 15:34 04 May 14

Maybe a few posts would be deleted if offensive as have some of mine (and yours). MechKB did not seem like a serial offender warranting obliteration, probably a bank holiday glitch.

  lotvic 15:38 04 May 14

As simple as that,well I never, roflmao :D

  john bunyan 15:42 04 May 14

Lazarus The 2nd

Well found! I cannot imagine how boring it would be to post such things on different forums; a pity as some of his technical input was useful. Not all ex RM's are the same!!

  mart7 15:53 04 May 14

Lazarus 2nd a few of us knew months back mechkb was chronos,bumpkin was in the conversation with me an rdave13,and the posts about his technical ability and pc builds and other posts led me to believe it was him,he also uses a mechanical cherry keyboard for gaming

  wee eddie 16:21 04 May 14

I have no idea why "Chronos"* lost his Handle and/if/or FE removed it from the Forum.

However, it struck me that, had the above happened, it would be a short-sighted policy to brag that one's previous incarnation had been removed from the Forum.

While writing this posting, several words occurred to me before I decided to use the term "short-sighted". In fact I was a bit like Mr Clarkson attempting to skirt around the "N" word!

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