Meanwhile, 12 people have been shot dead in their office.......

  Forum Editor 18:51 08 Jan 15

and we seem to carry on here as if it hasn't happened. There has been no mention of it in the forum.

Is anyone else horrified by what has happened in Paris?

  mole1944 19:49 08 Jan 15

I'm horrified, but the news media is at saturation point with this story,it's sad and i await it happening in the U.K. or other countries, hopefully not.

  wee eddie 22:31 08 Jan 15

I was chatting with my Breton windsurfing friends through yesterday evening. I had nothing I could add

  bumpkin 22:53 08 Jan 15

And it will happen again probably here, If I were to take a leaf out of any ones book it would be Flak999 but then I would be an unacceptable racist and missing my PC manners. and so it will continue until somebody WAKES up and does something.

  Flak999 00:45 09 Jan 15

And there was me wondering why I had not yet received one of the FE pithy ripostes to my post in the cartoons thread. little did I realise that he didn't even know I had posted it!

Oh well, things have been getting rather stale on here of late, perhaps he's just given up?

  Flak999 00:59 09 Jan 15

What does make me angry however is the cringing cowardice of the whole of the rest of western media not all coming out as one and showing support for their French colleagues and unanimously publishing on their front pages the Hebdo cartoons today.

That would have shown these murdering scum in no uncertain terms the utter contempt which all civilised people hold them and their medieval death cult in!

  BillSers 07:34 09 Jan 15

I still haven't heard much outcry from Muslim leaders throughout the world.

If Christ had been depicted in cartoon satire I wonder if the same would have happened by extremist Christians.

  Quickbeam 08:08 09 Jan 15

Well I mentioned it, albeit from an alternative perspective.

  BT 08:22 09 Jan 15


"I still haven't heard much outcry...."

Once again its one rule for us....

  Forum Editor 08:23 09 Jan 15


Well said. I didn't realise the title 'Cartoon topic' dealt with this subject.

Now I'll close this one.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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