Maybe he should just Shut up!

  Portal11 24 May 11

NOT again! its already cost one life of a young lad...


  justme 24 May 11

The problem as I see it is the same as happened when Jesus was born.. there is no room at the (Holiday,Premier, etc) Inn and if you want one of their cheap rooms which they advertise then you have to book very far ahead and be flexible with your dates.

  Devil Fish 24 May 11

another failed doomsday prediction and im sure their will be many more. its a sure fact the world will end as we know it when the sun dies, Scientists at the moment predicting between 5 and 7 billion years, Will the human race still be around then who knows.Whilst the lose of life over it is saddening it is also saddening that people can be so gullible, It would be reasonably fair to say im not one of the ones who will be raptured to heaven but i treat all these predictions the same just carry on as normal if it happens it happens not a lot any one could do about it. Any way now off for a beer and a ciggy maybe Nostradamus has got it right

  Portal11 24 May 11

Devil Fish can i join you for a beer! lol im on a diet and haven't drank in weeks! i normally like a Guinness or maybe a larger...

  ams4127 24 May 11

May I join the pair of you? Perhaps we can all get raptured together!!

  Portal11 24 May 11

ams lol date/location! lol

  donki 25 May 11

From your thread title I thought you were a fellow Spurs fan fed up with Harry's fat flapping mouth :).


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