Max Clifford

  Kaacee 22:20 17 Feb 09

Is there anything this guy won't do for money, he's now looking after "Alfie's" interest's.

  oresome 22:42 17 Feb 09

He's good at maximising the income from someone's news worthiness. Perhaps you should question the public's curiosity for such stories.

  Stuartli 23:48 17 Feb 09

Within certain limits, very unlikely.

It's the way he earns a crust and, in his own field, he's extremely successful.

Don't forget that his clients also earn a handsome wedge and a lot more than they could have done working alone or through less efficient representatives.

Compare Max to a top footballer's agent - getting the most for their client.

  JYPX 00:10 18 Feb 09

I hear that Alfie is planning to join Fathers 4 Justice. He has told them it makes sense as he already has a Spiderman costume...

  tullie 01:35 18 Feb 09

Maybe its the family you should be asking?

  tullie 01:35 18 Feb 09

I like that

  newman35 08:24 18 Feb 09

Absolutely spot-on.

We will pay for these stories, so his business is to produce them - why blame him?
Do we denigrate Ford for promoting their cars - they make money selling us what we want, so does Max Clifford.

  €dstowe 11:02 18 Feb 09

Out of the same pig sty as Simon Cowell. Making talent appear where there is none then pimping on the money made from the unwarranted celebrity of their proteges.

All of this while totally devoid of any redeeming features in themselves.

  Flak999 12:52 18 Feb 09

Thats a bit harsh isn't it? Both of these people who you castigate have made a lot of money out of giving the public something they obviously want.

Just because they don't meet your obviously high moral standards, doesn't make them bad people does it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:11 18 Feb 09

MC is ponly doing what advertising agencies do, selling/packaging a product to a market. The trough is called a dish in agency-speak but the snouts are the same.


  namtas 13:37 18 Feb 09

No one is forced to use a PR agency, they use them (him) because they know the value of having good strong PR.
Like or loathe him Max Clifford is probably one of the most successful UK PR Consultants around at the moment.

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