Matthew 18:17

  medicine hat 13:01 19 Dec 08

Isn't Christianity great

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:07 19 Dec 08

Can you post the link without using Tinyurl please?

  Clapton is God 13:08 19 Dec 08

"Isn't Christianity great"

A lot of practising Christians think so.

I think you'll find that this letter/incident is more to do with small minded, small town America than with Christianity.

  canarieslover 13:09 19 Dec 08

Toleration seems to be the last feeling in many religious sects.

  DippyGirl 13:10 19 Dec 08

This has very little to do with Christianity. You can use the Bible to justify most anything you want

“I don’t really care what they do to me. But I am concerned about my children sitting in church with their mother being crucified by the church that they trust,” she said. “I am very concerned about how it would affect them.”

Maybe time to find a new church ?

  Jim Thing 14:56 19 Dec 08

We may be sailing pretty close to the wind here, by allowing religion to raise its dangerous head on this forum. However, since FE's silver deleting mouse seems to be having its afternoon nap, I'll risk paraphrasing something that appears relevant to this particular bit of religious persecution (by which I mean persecution BY the religious):

"Good people do good things. Evil people do evil things. But for good people to do evil things — that takes religion."

  Covergirl 15:08 19 Dec 08

click here

or take the spaces out of this

click here .foxnews. com/story/0,2933,469928,00.html

  donki 15:28 19 Dec 08

God not another religious thread!!! Everytime any thread is started about anything remotely religious it turns into battle of believers against unbelievers. Agree to disagree move on, some people believe some don't.

  Jim Thing 16:20 19 Dec 08

FE's Deleting Mouse would be wise to watch his back — there's a Disciplinarian Donki after his job.

As far as I'm aware, reading any given thread isn't compulsory. If I may borrow your advice: if you don't like it, ignore it and move on; some people do, some just can't.

However, I can understand your frustration; this is neither the place nor the season for rehashing tedious religious arguments — so I'm out, as they say on Dragons' Den.

Merry Christmas
(are atheists and agnostics allowed to say that?)

  spuds 16:34 19 Dec 08

Perhaps its time to bring in the lawyers!.

  AL47 18:10 19 Dec 08

religious arguments are good as long as everyone is respectful that its another persons opinion

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