Mathematical Conundrum

  zzzz999 06 Sep 12

Here's a wee mathematical conundrum, what do you think the answer is?

  zzzz999 06 Sep 12

Oops that link doesn't work.

The equation to solve was

6-1x0+2/2 =

  Kevscar1 06 Sep 12

Answer0 if you times anything by 0 you get 0

  onthelimit1 06 Sep 12

Hmm fm, I'm not so sure. I would have thought you work along, so

6-1=5 5x0=0 0+2/2=1.

but it's a lobg time since i did any maths!

  HondaMan 06 Sep 12

The mnemonic BODMAS still works. Try it!

  morddwyd 06 Sep 12


That takes me back a bit!

  Condom 06 Sep 12

The rules of mathematics say you divide & multiply before you add and subtract so for the first time only I have to agree with FM.

It is a little like what is half of two and two ....the answer being 3

  Aitchbee 06 Sep 12

I would agree with onthelimit1 that 1 is the answer...

Most people do maths all the time without even realising it... Americans do math.

  hastelloy 06 Sep 12

fourm member is correct using BODMAS (or BIDMAS). Incidentally the O is for 'other'.

  lotvic 06 Sep 12


  hastelloy 06 Sep 12

fourm member

I work with maths tutors and they teach O = other.


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