Marital Advice

  laurie53 09:48 31 Oct 07

My wife has just said she has enough clothes.

This is outside my 46 years experience of wedded bliss and I am not sure how to deal with it.

I would appreciate some advice.

  Al94 09:49 31 Oct 07

I would be equally incapacitated if I were ever to hear those words uttered - sorry.

  Brumas 10:26 31 Oct 07

She is just softening you up - she hasn't mentioned shoes yet!!

maybe after a new car?

  Bingalau 10:32 31 Oct 07

laurie53. Beware! These wives are very devious. Is it getting near her birthday?

  newman35 10:38 31 Oct 07

I can only dream of such a scenario, at present my good lady uses the wardrobes in all four bedrooms!

  Simsy 10:43 31 Oct 07

she didn't say "cloths"? Perhaps it's a hont towards doing less washing up etc.?



  Simsy 10:44 31 Oct 07

hont = hint



  Bingalau 10:46 31 Oct 07

Any lady members care to give poor laurie53 some advance warning, as to what he is in for?

  Confab 10:51 31 Oct 07

Go to the chemist NOW and stock up with Lemsip, Night Nurse, Day Nurse etc, a hot water bottle and possibly some Vapour Rub. The poor lady is clearly coming down with flu!

  ventanas 10:55 31 Oct 07

Obviously after something else for Christmas. Probably very expensive.

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