Lord of the Rings... The Battle for Middle-Earth.

  freaky 15:39 25 Mar 05

I must highly recommend this game, been playing it for a week now and it is one of the best I have ever played!

The battles are fantastic so is the scenery, and the Artificial Intelligence is very clever!

I would give 10:10 for realism and game play, well done EA Games!

  TOPCAT® 18:02 25 Mar 05

Any sign of our Gandalf in it? A battle for middle earth would be right up his street!! :o)) TC.

  Kate B 18:14 25 Mar 05

ooh, I've got this but haven't installed it yet. Partly because I'm waiting to order my new supermegahot gaming monster computer and partly because I'm totally hooked on World of Warcraft.

  freaky 18:24 25 Mar 05

You will be pleased to know that all the characters from Lord of the Rings, including Gandalf are in it. The original musical score and character voices are as well.

Once you start the game it takes a great effort of will to stop, even the PCA Forum takes 2nd place now!

  Joe R 20:26 25 Mar 05


I'll give it a try, if , I ever get through nfsu 2.

  citadel 21:35 25 Mar 05

The battles where you defend Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith are good. I also like the way the soldiers cheer when they win or a hero comes into view.

  ahales42 22:20 25 Mar 05

here`s an interesting thread

WESTWOOD, Mass. -- March 22, 2005 -- Turbine, Inc., a leading publisher of online subscription entertainment, announced today that it has finalized a deal with Tolkien Enterprises and Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) that grants Turbine the exclusive right to develop and publish massively multiplayer online worlds based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit literary works. As part of the agreement, Turbine will own all of the game assets to the upcoming, highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) The Lord of the RingsTM: Middle-EarthTM Online. All publishing responsibilities previously assumed by VU Games for the online license have been transitioned to Turbine effective immediately.

  gudgulf 23:23 25 Mar 05

Got the game installed but haven't tried it yet......spent too much time with Half-Life2 and then all the original Half-Life titles (which I didn't play first time round).After this thread I'll give it a go but it will have to compete with the "substance" mod for Half-Life2 which is making me want a faster 'puter right now!

  freaky 09:57 26 Mar 05

Comparing Half-Life2 and Battle for Middle Earth.

Was playing HL2, and while I appreciated the work that had gone into it, I was not that enthusiastic about playing it. The contrary applies with BFME. Two entirely different forms of entertainment really.

Both games require a fast 'puter' though. I am using a Mesh with the AMD 64 3500+ CPU and a 128 DDR FX-5500, this set-up copes Ok with the demands of either game with no bottlenecks. Also using for the first time a TFT Monitor....17" Iiyama Prolite E435S, this works fine with both the games and no sign of ghosting!.

  gudgulf 10:08 26 Mar 05

I have a P4 3.2GHz/1.5GB ram/ATI x800pro(16 pixel pipelines) so it will cope with just about anything I throw at it for now,lol. But I am thinking of switching to an Athlon 64 when I have some cash spare.

Thanks for the comments....now for the game.

  Kate B 12:44 26 Mar 05

wow, a Tolkein-based MMORPG? The end of my relationship looms ... !

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