Looking For A New Car

  Bingalau 14 Nov 11

Hi All. I know we have people on here who love cars, they might be able to help me decide what new car to buy. It must have the following attributes. Diesel powered; Three door model; Cruise control; Automatic gears; Plenty of room inside; Comfortable; Radio C.D. player; I've been looking at the V.W. Up which comes on the market next year, but it doesn't seem to have cruise control. There also seem to be so many variants of it that I am completely bamboozled trying to make sense of all the information. In other words there is too much information.

  caccy 14 Nov 11

Have a look at this site. Gives some very good impartial advice. www.honestjohn.co.uk/

  sunnystaines 14 Nov 11


several euro countries are stopping cruise control, and france is pushing the EU to ban it in new cars as they consider it dangerous.

I like it on a long run but the problem our motorways are too busy to run it for very long.

so might be worth looking at a british built car if you want cruise control.

  Bingalau 14 Nov 11

sunnystaines. I have got cruise control in my motorhome (FIAT) and use it a heck of a lot on long trips. It takes a lot of the strain off my gammy left knee too. That is one of the things I would like in a new car too. I would also like to buy British of course, forgot to mention that. But I am also looking at foreign cars as I spent hours on the Vauxhall site looking at new models and came away confused as could be. But I know someone on here will come up with good reasons to buy certain makes and models.

  Quickbeam 14 Nov 11

I don't think I could trust a car dealer that thought they had to prefix their name with honest!

  caccy 14 Nov 11


He is one of the Telegraph motoring correspondents and dosn't pull any punches.

  Quickbeam 14 Nov 11

The name immediately brought this image to mind...

  Woolwell 14 Nov 11

Don't buy a diesel if you are only doing short journeys. Have a look at some of the Hondas built/assembled in Swindon.

  interzone55 14 Nov 11


If you want an automatic car, why would cruise control take strain off your "gammy left knee"

Would your budget stretch to a Mini?

I've got a Cooper Diesel and it's very economical and has an auto option, and may have cruise control somewhere in the lengthy options list.

  OTT_B 14 Nov 11


You missed two vital pieces of information in your opening post....

  1. New...new to you (second hand), or brand new?
  2. Total cost


There are no plans whatsoever to ban cruise control, anywhere in Europe. The legal requirements just don't work in a way that one country could ban it, but allow it.

  OTT_B 14 Nov 11

"There are no plans whatsoever to ban cruise control, anywhere in Europe. The legal requirements just don't work in a way that one country could ban it, but allow it."

Hmmm. That didn't quite come out right.

There are no plans whatsoever to ban cruise control, anywhere in Europe. The legal requirements just don't work in a way that one country could ban it from being installed on a car, but another country in Europe allow allow it.

That's better.

The way the system works, is that it doesn't matter which country in Europe legally approves the car for sale. Once it is type approved in one country in Europe, it is type approved for all countries in Europe, and you don't have to get the type approval in the country where the car is manufactured or designed.

The French can make as many noises as they want for cruise control to be banned (I don't know if they are or aren't), but without an EU legislation, the most they could do is to ban its use on their own roads. I.e. have a system where cruise control can be installed, but not operated - which would be a near impossible thing to enforce.

Suppliers are investing vast amounts of money on cruise control systems to make them into safety devices, rather than driver convenience, and a lot of the adaptive and range sensing technologies are already available. If there were any chance that cruise control were going to be banned, the suppliers would stop developing the technology. This is not happening.


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