Look up before you step out. Seriously!

  WhiteTruckMan 10:27 09 Jan 10

Last night I just nipped back out to my car because I had forgotten something. As I closed the front door behind me, an icicle at least 18 inches long from the guttering overhead dislodged and damn near parted whats left of my hair.

The point to this is be carefull going through doorways, and take the time to just look up and check for any icy swords of damocles before you do!


  Hercule Marple 10:35 09 Jan 10

I keep bringing them down with my old wooden two-piece window brush. Others I've knocked down by reaching out of the bedroom windows with a snooker cue. It's a good laugh!

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:37 09 Jan 10

to put on your head as you go through doorways.

  Quickbeam 10:51 09 Jan 10

Use your hard hat at home:)

  Woolwell 12:07 09 Jan 10

You reminded me of the Telegraph cartoon today click here

  Forum Editor 12:40 09 Jan 10

last week - not here, but in one of the Eastern European countries.

  Legolas 14:30 09 Jan 10

Now these icicles look like real killers click here

  Spark6 14:59 09 Jan 10

at the wrong time. I recall an accident that occurred in a local nuclear power station basement when the man heard a 'rattle' above him, looked up, and had an eye pierced by a piece of welding rod. Chances are, if he had ducked, he would have been OK.

My advice re WTM's icicles would be to step smartly through the doorway and then look back out of curiosity.

  peter99co 15:15 09 Jan 10

Great Photographs. Clearly a result of Global Warming. Bookmarked!

  Bob The Nob© 20:54 09 Jan 10

Dont need to look up with my iciles!

click here

  Bob The Nob© 20:55 09 Jan 10

other pictures

click here

click here

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