Look where you walk

  The Brigadier 10:53 08 Oct 07

I failed to notice a large red mail box yesterday afternoon. It's been in the same place for all the time i have lived in the village

I'm now the proud owner of 3 badly bruised ribs.
A&E Doc thought i was lucky not to break them, this after i told him what had happened.
There i was playing with my new mobile phone walking along & suddenly the mail box jumps out and hits me, the A&E staff were highly amused by my basic failure to look where I was going.

One good thing is at least I didn’t damage the phone!

  natdoor 11:32 08 Oct 07

What was the damage to the mail box and are you insured?

Get well soon.

  johndrew 12:03 08 Oct 07

Very bad move admitting you are unable to multitask in front of a mixed audience!!!!!

Hope the bruising goes soon.

  georgemac © 12:05 08 Oct 07

ouch - badly bruised ribs - very painful

very easy to get engrossed in something and not notice a solid object in front of you - many others will have done the same.

  The Brigadier 12:22 08 Oct 07

My wifes reaction was to laugh out loudly when told.

  octal 12:26 08 Oct 07

Oh dear, sorry I had to laugh, I'm just glad it wasn't serious and you are OK. Good job you weren't driving!

  Legolas 14:01 08 Oct 07

I suppose you could say you were part of the postal strike ;-)

  amonra 15:00 08 Oct 07

Legolas very funny, Ha Ha OUCH !

  Legolas 16:17 08 Oct 07

I think your suspicion that the Postbox jumped out and hit you is probably right. Why? well you were approaching said postbox while engrossed with the latest form of communication namely your Mobile Phone and the postbox being the receptacle for a rather older form of communication namely the letter was jealous and jumped out and hit you, just getting its own back I suppose ;-)

  JanetO 16:22 08 Oct 07

I thought postboxes were out on strike.

  Legolas 16:38 08 Oct 07

They are this one struck The Brigadier

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