Lonely are the brave...

  Aitchbee 16:24 15 Oct 11

I make my posts to this great website on my own. I can think and operate much better when nobody is near me. My Doctor summed it up by saying to me "People give you the willies?".She was spot on.

I was referring to the great film starring Kirk Douglas, in my title.

What do the forum members think?

  Flak999 17:17 15 Oct 11

I should go back to your Doctor for a different prescription. The medicine is obviously not working!

  badgery 17:24 15 Oct 11

"What do the forum members think?"

If you are really wanting some DIY pschoanalism, then you've probably come to the right place!

Lie back, close your eyes, and tell me about this infatuation with song and film titles that litter your every post..........

  Aitchbee 18:04 15 Oct 11

badgery - that's exactly what my reflexologist said to me...uncanny.

  Forum Editor 18:20 15 Oct 11

"What do the forum members think?"

In view of what you've written in the remainder of your first post it might have been better not to ask that question. I really cannot see the point in starting a thread like this.

  Aitchbee 18:40 15 Oct 11

FE - I made this post, really to find out if the other forum members are influenced by the people who might be around them at home, while making and also sharing viewpoints that are displayed on this website? I am a well-balanced individual, all of my posts are an individual effort. Other, more famous social networking sites,don't appeal to me.That's all. Some people prefer their own company, others do not. I just want to find out if other people share my 'need for space'. I will tone down my usage of film and song titles when making future posts.

  Forum Editor 18:51 15 Oct 11

"I will tone down my usage of film and song titles when making future posts."

Thank you.

As for "Other, more famous social networking sites,don't appeal to me." I tend to share your view, but would make the point that this isn't a social networking site. It may seem like it at times, especially here, in Speakers Corner, but that's a product of having a well-established number of regular contributors - after a while people become used to each other, and feel fairly relaxed.

There's nothing wrong with liking your own company, I think everyone enjoys a little personal space from time to time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:06 15 Oct 11

I always talk to myself

  1. Because no one else will listen.


  1. I get a better class of conversation that way.


  morddwyd 20:07 15 Oct 11

"I make my posts to this great website on my own"

I would think that applies to most of us,

Come on , 'fess up. How many of you have committees sitting around your keyboard deciding what to post?

How cowardly. You should be brave, like the rest of us!

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