London firefighters to strike

  peter99co 22:13 25 Oct 10

on Bonfire Night!

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FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said the union had been left with no choice.


  Forum Editor 22:29 25 Oct 10

Matt Wrack said the union had been left with no choice."

That kind of remark is an insult to the intelligence. People like Matt Wrack make me sick. They trot out the same tired old 'we have been left with no choice' mantra, as if that makes everything OK. They have plenty of choice - they could have chosen to threaten a strike on November 9th, or the 10th, or 1st December, but no - they choose the one day that they know will worry the general public the most.

They are a disgrace to the ethic of the Fire Service, and I hope the public lets them know it as they stand by their silly braziers outside the Fire stations, grinning inanely and waving placards asking us all to 'hoot if you support us'.

  gaucho. 22:39 25 Oct 10

One trots off at 8.30am for half an hour and then again at 3.15pm, again for 30 minutes.

Second job is school coach driver. Extra 150 sov's a week in the rear pocket.

Sometimes wears the uniform.

and to cap it all they use the fire services van to get them to and fro to the coach depot.

Hard done by, some of these firemen.

  morddwyd 08:02 26 Oct 10

The idea of withdrawing your labour is to cause the maximum disruption to those employing you.

These people are doing just that.

We may not like it, or agree with it, but they are doing the sensible thing (from their point of view; maximum effect, maximum publicity.

Like most, I personally think it's disgraceful, but the right to strike was hard won, and once having given it we should not complain if it does not fit in with our ideas of when it should happen.

  morddwyd 08:25 26 Oct 10

Those doing the abusing, and those being abused, will have very different views on what constitutes abuse.

  john 52 09:15 26 Oct 10

Grey Goo

I was hoping that at last I would at last be able to agree with a post you have made but unfortunately yet again your logic escapes me !!

The London fire brigade has done itself no credit in striking on that day and will just alienate the union from the general public ! I am sure many union officials will also be quite annoyed 

  oresome 09:38 26 Oct 10

I read that there is in place an interesting contingency plan.

Remember the Green Goddesses were retired.

A private firm is now contracted to provide limited cover in the event of a strike, presumably providing both appliances and trained crew.

I wonder what they do the rest of the time?

  Quickbeam 09:41 26 Oct 10

We used to have someone with that attitude round our way... he be a Mr Nobody now.

  jack 10:15 26 Oct 10

Easy one that.
The management have withdrawn a percentage of appliances
And the Crews?- Those on Demo at their stations are
'On shift'
The trained alternative crew presumably 'Off shift' crews-Moonlighting as usual

  spider9 10:49 26 Oct 10

Matt Wrack said the union had been left with no choice."
That kind of remark is an insult to the intelligence.

I cannot condemn or condone the remark, as I'm not privy to all the items on the table in the negotiations, others on here seem to be better informed.
But, if what is happening is akin to what many police officers are going to have to endure (changed working patterns, pay, pensions etc) then I have some sympathy.
Firefighters are family people and doing shifts in a dangerous job is not easy, and having working patterns disrupted causes all kinds of family pressures to children.

There are always two sides to every dispute, and it usually takes something pretty serious to push people into striking.

But so easy to be armchair critics and quote little homilies about moonlighting etc.

It will be interesting to see if the government try to keep the police onside, I think they may need them if social unrest starts to happen.

  birdface 11:25 26 Oct 10

I am sure we all have the highest respect for the Firemen and the Dutys that they have to perform.
But to strike on Bonfire night is not one of their best decisions.
Everyone knows kids love bonfire night and quite a few of the accidents that happen are with children.
It is hard to believe that they would choose this night from all others to go on strike.
Lets hope that they have a change of heart and maybe choose another day.

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