Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

  freaky 09:58 07 Jul 06

For all you gamers, what do you think of this ?

click here

I think it would depend on the sort of games you play.

The programmable buttons that let you record macros would be beneficial for fantasy RPGs as it states but I think there would only be a few games that those buttons would actually be useful for. The I don´t the LCD screen would be very helpful as the sort of stuff it will display will be easily displayed in the game anyway.

I´ll be sticking with my regular keyboard for a while yet...

That should read "I don´t think the LCD screen..."

I´ll have to learn to check my responces properly before posting

  wolfie3000 18:21 07 Jul 06

To many bells and whistles for my taste,

The trouble is once you programed the macros and gotten used to the layout and such if you ever have to go back to a regular keyboard you will have to train your brain again,

Not for me i prefer to use a regular keyboard and mouse.

Reminds me of when new games consoles come out and having to get used to the way the buttons are layed out.

  freaky 13:00 09 Jul 06

Must agree with you, rather 'gimmicky' to say the least.

I will stick with my Microsoft Internet Keyboard!

  Starfox 14:24 09 Jul 06

I have a cupboard full of various gaming keyboards and other devices that I have bought over the years, things like the Eeziboard and the Thrustmaster tactical gaming board, all of which have turned out to be utterly useless.

I can't see this latest wonder being any different, save yourself £47 would be my honest advice.

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