logging in to the forum

  User-1235809 21:13 02 May 08

All of a sudden I'm having to log in every time I visit, this is the only site which is affected so if anybody can tell me why I'd be grateful

  WhiteTruckMan 21:39 02 May 08

or to be precise, your internet security, cleared out any cookies lately?


  User-1235809 21:44 02 May 08

no, nothing's been altered. I have logged in here three times today, and all my other regular sites are okay

  Bingalau 21:45 02 May 08

WTM Looks like you may be on the right track because I cleared all mine out recently and I also have to log on afresh each time. No problem thught really is it?

  User-1235809 21:52 02 May 08

it isn't a great problem no, I just wondered why, and does everybody have to log in every time because I can't find a 'remember me' button

  User-1235809 21:57 02 May 08

it is already ticked

  m800afc 23:07 02 May 08

My auto log in is also ticked. In spite of this I now have to log in every time. It is a tad annying at times.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:08 02 May 08

when you have finished on the forum do you log out or simply close the window?


(I do the latter, btw)

  m800afc 00:15 03 May 08

I just close the window

  birdface 00:29 03 May 08

I had trouble after reformating my computer it would not let me sign in.Thinking that I was using the wrong password I got PCA to forward my password with the proper page to open it.Check that you are using the same address bar as this.click here

  WhiteTruckMan 00:33 03 May 08

whats your browsers privacy settings set at?

(and I cant help but wonder if this would better be asked in the helproom)


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