Logged in 1000 times

  Totally-braindead 18:07 19 Aug 04

Just noticed I've now been logged in to the Forum 1000 times now, not any sort of record I know but it just goes to show how useful the Forum has been to me over the years in that I keep coming back.

  slim 65 18:38 19 Aug 04

The amount of help I have received since I joined has been an education .I come here as my first point of call if I have any concerns or problems. Help has always been forthcoming and generous.

  Forum Editor 19:20 19 Aug 04

and congratulations on your 1000th login. I'm used to seeing your familiar username cropping up in the threads - long may you continue to contribute.

  Valvegrid 19:37 19 Aug 04


2,458 times here, but I think 1,000 of those are probably my silly inane comments as the FE will probably confirm :-)

And you've help a few as well, Keep up the good work.

  Forum Editor 19:41 19 Aug 04

As a famous person once remarked:

"You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment."

  Valvegrid 19:44 19 Aug 04


  mikef. 20:08 19 Aug 04

Congrats 2,170 here

Memo must get a life away from her ;-)

  mikef. 20:09 19 Aug 04

Also must correct before posting, not half way through. DOH

  jonnytub 20:21 19 Aug 04

Im halfway there at 536, not quite sure when i joined so i can't work out an average for any given day. FE? any clues?

  Forum Editor 22:42 19 Aug 04

that some people with broadband connections tend to login and stay that way for many hours, whereas others on dial-up connections log in and out several times in as many hours - leading to a higher login count.

  sidecar sid 22:52 19 Aug 04

833 here,might spend allday tomorrow logging in and out to overtake you :-)))

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