loft insulation

  rickf 15:37 20 Feb 13

Hi, Can I simply just lay new insulation over the old ones? This would make them job quicker and less having to inhale dust from the dirty, almost blackened old layer.

  Forum Editor 12:28 21 Feb 13


All new roof construction now has to be carried out so that the roof void is ventilated. This applies to the flat roof on a loft conversion as well, if the roof insulation (which nowadays is rigid foam foil backed panels) is placed between the new roof joists. If the insulation is of the 'warm-deck' type that is placed on top of the joists there is no need to ventilate the voids between the joists.

  spuds 12:42 21 Feb 13


That's possibly the reason why some modern build houses or estates nowadays, seem to have tile ventilation blocks fitted and roof space ventilation. Or at least that seems to be the answer around my neck of the woods, with what I call 'rabbit hutch' design and capacity houses that are being planned, approved and built.


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