Loewe - Pronunciation

  al7478 23:43 29 Aug 07

Does anyone know how to ptronounce this? I've traweled the net and cant find an answer. Sorry, this is a rubbish topic, but im desperate!

  al7478 23:48 29 Aug 07

by the by, i think its german for lion, but i also heard its spanish. no idea!

  Blackhat 23:54 29 Aug 07

Try this.

click here

From this site.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:02 30 Aug 07

to explain a pronunciation in writing, but here goes:


When saying the word, try to make the 'vay' part sound like a cross between 'vay' and 'way'.

try it, and you'll get the hang of it.

It's a common German surname, and means 'Lion'.

  al7478 01:31 30 Aug 07

Thankyou both!

I'm stil a bit confused tho. the voice on the yourdictionary site seems to be saying lole or lowel, or even just low. How do you hear it, Blackhat...?

FE, do you speak the language? i guess it kind of makes sense, given the W, but how do you get the V...?

Anyway, thanks for your responses, i didnt expect to get far with this.

  al7478 01:40 30 Aug 07

sorry, i put that very badly. i suspect i answered my own question there. i should have said something along the lines of: how do you get the vay sound? should the E be accented...?

  Si_L 01:56 30 Aug 07

Try spelling it pho-net-ee-cally

  Forum Editor 06:57 30 Aug 07

Don't worry about accents.

Lourvay or lurvay.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 30 Aug 07

In German the 'o' would have an umlaut over it (2 horizontal dots over it) The pronunciation would be ler-ve...long first e as in learner, the 'w' pronounced as a 'v' and the final 'e' short as in vest.


  iambeavis 09:03 30 Aug 07

The pronounciation of the "e", which are at the end of German nouns falls half and between "uh" and "ah"

  al7478 10:57 30 Aug 07

so everyone pretty much agrees with the FE on the pronunciation then?

Thanks all for your contributions. i'll tick this now but if anyone has anything else...

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