locust that make a noise

  perpetual motion 19:15 19 Mar 09

This is a little silly but ive just bought some kinda locust that make a weird noise by rubbing there back ends too make a high pitched noise, you hear them on films when its dark?
Can anyone inform me of the type please, i know its a bit silly of me to post this on a forum but everyone i ask doesnt know.?


  bluto1 19:17 19 Mar 09

Sounds like a cricket to me

  Forum Editor 19:19 19 Mar 09

You've bought a Cicada, although why you would want to keep one in captivity is beyond me.

  newman35 19:27 19 Mar 09

That'll be the day?

  perpetual motion 19:32 19 Mar 09

Sorry guys the wife has just corrected me they are a type of cricket but which one is .??

FE im not keeping them ive bought them today 35 of them for £1.20 from a pet shop & its just for my 6 yr old son too look after as he like spiders but runs a mile when i ask him too pick oneup so crickets was the next best thing, i was informed they only live 1 Week.???

does this give you any idea of what type of cricket they are.?

  perpetual motion 19:34 19 Mar 09

Sorted thanks guys but after hours of asking i found the exact one..thankx for your it is:

click here

  laurie53 20:13 19 Mar 09

Just so you get a response, my old buddy. lol!

  amonra 20:15 19 Mar 09

Cant resist it, Were they going cheep ?????

  newman35 21:03 19 Mar 09

Great minds... and all that. Or maybe we're a dying breed? (;-))

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