Locked threads on Beta forum

  john bunyan 19:24 PM 27 May 13

On my PC all the threads on Beta testing forum have a red lock symbol to the left. Is that because of a Spam attack? If not it seems odd.

  fourm member 19:40 PM 27 May 13

Nothing odd about it.

I started out with

'The beta forum is for tests that go on for a certain time and then finished. Once a test is over there's no need for the thread to be kept open.'

but then I remembered that the FE introduced an automatic lock for threads with no new posts for some time in order to reduce the chance for spammers to attack that way.

Dig into the past of this forum and all the threads are locked.

  john bunyan 19:51 PM 27 May 13

fourm member

Thanks for the explanation. Your young memory is better than mine, as I could not recall FE's decision re auto locking.

  bumpkin 20:23 PM 27 May 13

fm' is there another one for removed posts

  fourm member 21:19 PM 27 May 13

I left my post like that to show that the right answer didn't come to me immediately.

  lotvic 21:56 PM 27 May 13

As far as I remember Threads are locked after 3 months have passed since last post.

bumpkin, another one what? Once FE removes a post (or a Thread) it's gone.

  Graham* 00:47 AM 28 May 13

Try WD 40 for locked threads.

  bjh 09:49 AM 28 May 13

John Bunyan.

I may be wrong, and only the F.E will know all, but I noticed some spam on the beta threads some months back (28/11/2012) linking direct to rather a nasty malware download. Informed the F.E. and F.E replied he'd tidied up and, when I looked, all the threads were locked.

F.M. is right about the auto-locking but, in this case, I think the silver mouse was at work last November ;)

  john bunyan 14:53 PM 28 May 13


Fine; I had forgotten and it just seemed odd to find a forum with all threads locked. You and fm have explained it.


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