Local BBC radio on Blackberry Playbook

  sunnypete 01 Feb 13

Having searched far and wide, including the Tech forum and direct to the Beeb, I thought I might as well come here to the fount of all knowledge. Has anyone who has a Playbook been able to get their local radio station on BBC iPlayer. I get an unsupportd "media format" message when I try to listen live, although iPlayer videos work well. Has anyone found a way to get round this?

  bremner 01 Feb 13

Are you trying to access through the built in Web app

  Al94 01 Feb 13

Works great on Android!

  sunnypete 01 Feb 13

Bremner not sure what you mean by built in web app? A197 playbook is not android os.

  AroundAgain 01 Feb 13

Hi I've just tried to get my local radio station on my Playbook but a search didn't even find it! I then went to the iplayer(radio) website, found the station but, as you say, message to say not supported.

Yes, a nuisance.

Have you tried Crackberry forums - especially for all things Blackberry and Playbook have own forum - http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-playbook-tablet-forums-f242/

There are some very experienced folks with Playbooks on there.


  bremner 01 Feb 13

Sorry meant web icon.

  sunnypete 02 Feb 13

Hello all, Thanks for replies. I've looked at the Crackberry but most seems related to the phone. The Beeb iPlayer site seems to say that radio iPlayer is limited to iphones and android os, maybe the Playbook os will be covered in the future. In the meantime I shall have to use my laptop which works ok with the radio iPlayer, it would have been convenient to use the Playbook. I did find a freebie app, nobex radio,which, with a bit of fiddling, has produced the main BBC stations, but haven't yet found the local stations.


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