Loads More Gold Stamps and Postboxes

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

They had a Post Office spokesman on this morning talking about this. He admitted that they were completely taken by surprise over the public's appreciation of the gold stamps and postboxes and had to do a U turn to include it to all the Paralympic gold winners although it will take longer as some days will see loads of gold winners.

They're also asking the gold winners where they would like their gold postbox to be after a few local communities refused to accept the winners adopted place as home and painted their own gold postboxes!

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

It's also increasing parallel equality of both games which this one seems to be achieving more so than ever before.

They're now discussing whether or not both games should be incorporated into a single extended event which would truly bring equality and an equal profile.

  canarieslover 31 Aug 12

They're now discussing whether or not both games should be incorporated into a single extended event which would truly bring equality and an equal profile.

And an eight hour opening ceremony as all the athletes parade in??

There had to be quite a lot of amendments made to the venues between the Olympics and the Paralympics so I don't really think the two should be combined.

As for the postboxes, we don't seem to have won any gold medals in my area so I have yet to see one. One of the great ideas to come from these games though.

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

"...And an eight hour opening ceremony"

That is one aspect that is tedious in the exteme in both games is the athletes parade. But I think that is easily solved by having the athletes enter by multiple entrances simultaneously around the stadium. Both individual games have become too big to have single country entrances that take four times longer to parade in than pre-war games.

"There had to be quite a lot of amendments made to the venues between the Olympics and the Paralympics"

True, but if it was planed as a combined event that problem wouldn't exist to be solved.

If it happens, it won't be before 2020 that isn't planned yet. With that time scale available, and looking back to 1984 when the Paralympics were moved at the last minute to Stoke Mandeville, 'cause the Americans couldn't be arsed to host them after all, we're proving that with a positive profile, people will pay to see and sell out venues. So having Paralympic events in the same sessions as able bodied Olympic events will not be the turn off that it might have been 30 years ago.

They're already looking to extend the official two weeks anyway as the football has to be started before the official opening to fit in the required knockout stages. And at Rio, rugby 7s and golf will also be there. There is a limit to how much I can watch in two weeks!

  canarieslover 31 Aug 12

I still say No as I would much rather see the Paralympians have their own glory. I feel it would be much diminished if they were to have their event following on from a hundred metres final featuring Bolt, etc. I happened to catch a little of the Dressage yesterday, an event that had me slightly mesmerised in the Olympics, and I appreciated how difficult it was for some of the riders to actually be on a horse, but it was not really at all comparable with what I had seen a couple of weeks previously. If they had appeared after the Olympic competitors I could imagine the spectators feeling sorry for the Paralympians rather than appreciating their skills. Not what I would want for them as they have really worked hard to achieve as much as they have. Leave them separate and make it easier for able bodied to realise how good they are within the context of their disabilities.

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

Perhaps it would be better if the Paralympics were staged first?

Multiple entrances would be better for the athletes parade. It is imperative that they have them for the sake of the ones who see it as their bit of glory, just getting to the Olympics is an achievement in itself. So we mustn't begrudge them their few moments in the limelight.

I haven't seen any gold postboxes yet, nor have I bought any special stamps. Are there separate stamps for the paralympians?

  interzone55 31 Aug 12

If I remember rightly, the 2004 Athens games ran pretty much simultaneously. Starting a couple of days later, but finishing on the same day.

Up until 1988 Seoul games the two events weren't even connected, running in totally different places.

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

"Up until 1988 Seoul games the two events weren't even connected..."

Which is what is happening now. I think that they will inevitably become a single month long event.

And if we had rotating permanent Para/Olympic centres on the five continents, we could reduce the huge cost of staging them and even have them held bi-annually which would justify the intensive training even more... That'll upset the soap fans!

  Aitchbee 31 Aug 12

That'll upset the soap fans!

TV Golf addicts (like me) would not be amused if it [a month of Olympics] coincided with the British Open. (The Beeb do a sterling job of that event, also.)

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

"I would much rather see the Paralympians have their own glory"

Some of these gold medal Paralympians aren't that far behind the none medaling competitors in the able bodied games, I don't think they need to worry about not having their day by being over shadowed by the regular Olympians, who a lot of them train with anyway.

The velodrome cycling this afternoon was as good and every bit as exciting and drama filled as the main Olympic velodrome event.

  Aitchbee 31 Aug 12

I have just checked...my local bookies are not covering individual events.

I would like to put a few bets on for an added interest...

There were plenty-o-odds available for the other olympics...

There's no coverage for the disabled olympics.


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