.....and the living ain't easy.

  morddwyd 29 Aug 12

Frost forecast in sheltered spots, daffodil bulbs on sale in the supermarket.

Guess it's that time of the year again"

  interzone55 29 Aug 12

And Santa is in Asda already...

  Forum Editor 29 Aug 12


Careful now.

  Al94 29 Aug 12

Down with that sort of thing.

  morddwyd 30 Aug 12

All joking aside, it's damned cold out there this morning!

  canarieslover 30 Aug 12

Well I'm still wearing shorts so its not that bad in Essex.

  Forum Editor 30 Aug 12

damned cold, heating on.

I'm working with a bunch of softies.

  Aitchbee 30 Aug 12

All of my windows are open and will remain so; bring on the autumn when the leaves begin to fall...I love it.

  sunnypete 30 Aug 12

Thought you were referring to Louisiana, think yourselves lucky...

  oresome 30 Aug 12

I'm not really bothered what the outside temperature is at 6am.

The autumn quilt is going on the bed* and it's unlikely I'll put my nose outside the house before 9:30am.

*SWMBO has deemed this.

  morddwyd 30 Aug 12

"I really don't want to turn the heating on in August but I think I might have to."

Why don't you use a thermostat?

Turns the heating on when it's cold, and off when it isn't.

Some people even have them on their fish tanks.


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