Live Long and Prosper

  laurie53 09:22 12 Jul 07

Latest research indicates thats lots of moles help you live longer (no, on your skin, not in your lawn!).

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Since I am covered in the things looks like I've got a while to go yet!

  laurie53 09:37 12 Jul 07

Always assuming the skin cancer doesn't get me first!

  wolfie3000 09:41 12 Jul 07

Interesting reading,

What is a mole exactly? is it just a skin discolouration, or an abnormality in the skin?

Anyway i dont have a single mole on me,
Only black areas of skin i have are my tattoos.

  spuds 11:24 12 Jul 07

Never had any moles for years, even though I was a frequent 'sun-bather' in very warm climates. One appeared a few years ago on my arm, and as extended over time. The GP's not bovvered :O)

Going on the velvet type, the dogs have a field day (literally), investigating and trying to dig them up.

  Totally-braindead 11:30 12 Jul 07

Better watch out spuds if you lie on the grass, dogs might mistake the one on your arm and try digging you up.

  spuds 11:39 12 Jul 07

TB-- They have already tried that on more than one occasion :O).

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