Little Britain Similarity

  ulrich 21:06 13 Jan 08

I am sorry but at 60 I do find Little Britain quite amusing, and a certain member of the British Cabinet reminded me of one of this programmes characters, I did laugh when he walked out of his house with his bit of paper.

  Clapton is God 21:12 13 Jan 08

So, do we have to guess or are you going to tell us?

  laurie53 22:36 13 Jan 08

I know the cabinet member but not the character!

  DANZIG 23:39 13 Jan 08


  ulrich 17:46 14 Jan 08

Character in Little Britain I don't know his name.

  Clapton is God 19:22 14 Jan 08

That narrows it down, then.

  ulrich 22:17 14 Jan 08

Clapton is god but if you don't watch Little Britain then you won't know there is usually only one MP who explains his mistake. I realise in real life at the moment anyway a lot of MPs are making excuses for failing to do there jobs.
Sorry to make this so difficult, I realise a lot of members might not watch this as it is not a soap or reality show.

  laurie53 09:01 15 Jan 08

Are you suggesting that many of us only watch soap or reality shows?

Or that those that do do not find Little Britain amusing?

If so I find your comment offensive.

The reason I don't watch Little Britain is simply that I don't find it entertaining.

I don't find Big Brother, Eastenders or dance programmes entertaining either.

That just makes me different, nothing more, nothing less.

  laurie53 20:00 15 Jan 08

And where the hell did all that double line spacing come from?

  ulrich 20:38 15 Jan 08

Sorry laurie53 if you found my comments offensive, I didn't realise saying someone who watched Eastenders was an offensive comment, but it is true a majority of people do watch these programmes otherwise they wouldn't be on.

  Clapton is God 21:00 15 Jan 08

But I do watch Little Britain and still haven't a clue who/what you're talking about.

Wouldn't it have been better if you'd come armed with all the facts before making your initial post?

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