A little bit of humour ;o}

  Brumas 12:54 21 Feb 16

Below is a picture of the Weavers International Sartorial Elegance Association (known as WISEASS) who meet Fridays at 21:oo.

They met to discuss the alleged foul weather qualities of the unique patented Oiled Cloth their Scottish contemporaries were manufacturing. After careful scrutiny WISEASS was not impressed and came to the opinion that the material was, at best, just shoddy and the oil would soon run out and if that was all they could contribute to the union we would be better off without them!

Plans for a plebiscite were mooted and the Scots willingly agreed but only if it was to be the best out of three.

With all other matters concluded the evening’s entertainment began and the charismatic Pontypridd Prestidigitator and somewhat Polymath, Thomas Peters, the Dynamo of his time, took to the stage. However, he couldn’t make the rabbit appear from his hat but did manage a white mouse, which looked silver under the spotlights, but this wasn’t to their liking and he was booed from the stage.

1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  caccy 13:16 21 Feb 16

Are they based near Edinburgh?????

  x123 13:40 21 Feb 16

Very good. How on earth did you manage to get the snapshot, it is just as I imagined. ;-)

  Brumas 14:21 21 Feb 16

caccy, they meet in a bell tent on top of Hadrian's Wall generally ;o}

  Brumas 14:22 21 Feb 16

x123, I bribed his minder ;o}

  Brumas 14:36 21 Feb 16

I have been asked if I could provide a list of all who attended, unfortunately records were trampled underfoot in the mass exodus that followed the magic act.

I did manage to remember a few of the names and obviously I can't give their true names so these have been digitally encrypted to protect the innocent!

  • Ron Bunion
  • GavinEx
  • Slackmouse
  • Moored-Red
  • FruitBall
  • TestMale

to name but a few. Old RingaLoo was denied access by the Politically Correct and Fashion police for calling the Door person Love and for not wearing a straw boater!

  x123 16:04 21 Feb 16

I recognise the dapper chap with the cane in the foreground.

Montague S Pider 1X

  bumpkin 16:07 21 Feb 16

A little bit of humour ;o}

Good, when is it starting.

  Brumas 17:25 21 Feb 16

bumpkin ,just as soon as you send me your membership application, three character witnesses and a mug-shot - I can't wait ;o}}

  Brumas 17:26 21 Feb 16

x123, was it that transparent?

  Brumas 21:22 21 Feb 16

spider9, quite so!

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