Lionel Concert

  Shopgirl 10:19 09 Mar 12

I am a fan of Lionel Richie. I love his music.I have been to all of his concerts. But I think the price of his Glasgow concert is too expensive. Its £65.00 for a ticket. Could I have your views on the above.

  interzone55 12:53 09 Mar 12

£65 is comparatively a bargain for a concert by a global star like Lionel Richie.

In the past few weeks I've bought tickets for 3 concerts and a festival

Peter Hook (ex New Order) £20.12

New Order £35.00

Elbow £42.50 (this is a special event at Jodrell Bank observatory)

Latitude Festival £188.50 for dozens of bands, comedians, readings etc over three days

I suppose the final decider though is if you think it's worth it - how much do you want to see him live, and will he likely play concerts again in the near future.

  Quickbeam 15:30 09 Mar 12

Gig tickets are priced by the basis of what they think you, as a loyal fan, will stand, balanced against a venue being at least 90% full...

So while Des O'Connor tickets would be priced at around the £0.65 mark to guarantee a venue filling to 90%, Elvis on the other hand could easily get £6,500 per ticket and sell out a venue.

The one thing in common being that all the fans would consider that the price was right for either of them!

  Shopgirl 18:19 13 Mar 12

I got tickets for Lionel Richie on the 26th September it cost £55.00 I got two. My friend is comming with me. Thanks for all your views. This might be his last concert. I am looking forward to going to see Lionel.

  Aitchbee 18:25 13 Mar 12

I don't think this will be his last...'cos his latest Album is in the TOP the moment.

  Bingalau 20:00 13 Mar 12

Quickbeam. How dare you! There are people like me who would willingly pay more to see Des O'Connor than Elvis. For one thing Elvis is dead. In fact I think I would sooner see Daniel O'Donnell than Elvis.

The people who lash out these large amounts of cash to see nondescript bands are all nut cases. (In my opinion).

  Quickbeam 20:05 13 Mar 12

The best ever Des O'Connor gag was a Morcambe and Wise show where they mentioned that you could get a sleeping berth at his concerts!!!

Bring Me Sunshine...

  Quickbeam 20:05 13 Mar 12

  Batch 15:17 18 Mar 12

I think that I would rather be dead than see Daniel O'Donnell!

  Aitchbee 17:03 18 Mar 12

Batch....arrange your funeral music so that Daniel O'Donnell is played when you are being 'put to rest' should raise a chuckle amongst your grieving mourners...hee hee!

  Batch 17:31 18 Mar 12


I rather suspect that would be enough to kick-off a mass suicide. Mind you they would be in the right place for it.

As it happens, I said to my wife only yesterday that if one had to choose only one performer (solo arist, band etc.) that you could listen to for the rest of your life, I would probably opt for Ray Charles and I happened to put on a compilation of his this arvo.

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