On Line Scams

  immer 10:41 03 Feb 09

For some time I have been getting email telling me that someone somehow I have won $250,000,0 and please to send my details so it can be paid form some bank in......would you believe Nigeria ! Haha!
Today I got an email from "Shell Online Promo 2009", saying "....then we deposited the Cheque with FEDEX COURIER SERVICES, West Africa" etc etc Contact person Allen Davidson email and Email "[email protected]" office telephone +2347067002889
I can quite see how curiosity might get someone to give their details out. I put yet another block sender on this & deleated, but Oh my friends what a trap. PS I never ever use Shell not that I have anything against them, their not handy for me. Has anyone else had this?

  DippyGirl 12:52 03 Feb 09

Not this one but have had a couple "from" PayPal and Visa to confirm my bank details which looked very good. No apparent Nigreian connection.
Hover over link indicated a re-direct, and Thunderbird highleghted a possible scam...But the big give away was the email a/c that received them has no visa (or any other credit card ) or a PayPal account, or a house, or a body or anythting else come to that...she just doesnt exist.

  Si_L 12:59 03 Feb 09

I rarely get the nigeria scam anymore, thought they had stopped using it. The most common one I get is from the bank that I don't have an account with telling me they need all my data or I'm in trouble!

  IClaudio 19:31 03 Feb 09

The last time I had one of these wonderful offers was when I was about 15, and I've had seven grandchildren since then :) I was wondering if anyone was still getting them!

"I can quite see how curiosity might get someone to give their details out." Anyone who replies to one of these seriously needs to have their heads examined.

click here for hilarious stories of revenge...

  lotvic 00:38 04 Feb 09

Well since I never reply to their emails they now send me snail mail letters to inform me I have won the spanish lottery. The put a nice form in for me to give them my bank details.... Yeah right :)

  WhiteTruckMan 10:05 04 Feb 09

Presumably there was a return address for this snail mail. Was it in the UK? If so them maybe you could report it to someone (police maybe?)

Or if not then I wonder if you could return it blank but taped to a brick, and let them pay the excess postage.


  jack 10:32 04 Feb 09

These thing used to a rarity for me - but they have increased of late- improbable names, ditto sums of money, poor grammar and all the rest.
Finger firmly on the delete button as I whiz through them.
Also anything to do with Western Union, or parcels waiting to be collected, or a returned parcel could not be delivered[that is a funny one- surely one would know if a parcel had been sent]
simply delete them all.

  lotvic 16:43 04 Feb 09

The thought had crossed my mind :))

It was a Spanish addy and I took it down the local paper, neighbourhood watch, etc. but no interest was shown.
I shred them and put in compost heap.

  peter99co 17:28 04 Feb 09

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