On-Line Purchasing Improvements

  spuds 14:07 12 Jan 05

Recently nearly an estimated 500,000 people didn't receive their on-line purchases for Christmas. MP's and the likes are now talking about having discussions, forming committees and raising various points on the ever increasing ways that the buying public can obtain better improvements to the whole service.What would you consider are essentials for improvement, and do you think further legislation should have a serious part in this.

  Sir Radfordin 20:07 12 Jan 05

Surely this is something for businesses to sort out and not the nanny state governments?

Educating the nation about the risks of buying online and the protection that should be taken (credit cards etc) is one thing, but I fail to see how this falls into anyones remit.

The Customer should be the one that drives forward the change in the way business operate. If a customer doesn't get their goods/like the service they should (and will) shop elsewhere. The result is that the good survive and the bad fade away.

It is a fairly well established fact that Customer Service costs money and people don't like to pay. Companies that have good customer service may charge a bit more but then they sort things out when mistakes are made.

  Sir Radfordin 00:20 13 Jan 05

Can only say I hope the Government resolve the problem that quickly ;)

  JonnyTub 02:13 13 Jan 05

Sir Rad is absoluely correct imo in that this is something for the consumers to sort out and not the "nanny state", i suspect that a vast majority of mp's have suffered themselves "non-delivery" and not that the general public have taken this to their mp's, as if!! Can you imagine, i.e. "I didn't get my sony ps2 slimline/dvd player/pc/whatever, in time for xmas, Im bloody annoyed, I know, I'll go and see my local MP and see what he can do, I DON'T THINK SO!!
This is more like the self-serving people that they are, I agree in that the service is despicable but as stated already, consumers just won't put up with it, and xmas next year they'll be a few websites crossed off on some people's list....... you live and learn, that's my motto.

  spuds 23:26 17 Jan 05


  Forum Editor 01:41 18 Jan 05

we don't need yet more legislation on this - we have too many laws already. Market forces will work very efficiently to ensure that online vendors who don't perform don't get the business.

  Scillonia 15:28 21 Jan 05

Surely there must be a better way than having more white drivers racing round in all directions trying to deliver everything purchased on line?

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