On line banking-security

  Sapins 11:40 27 Mar 06

Just added my French account on line and, unlike my UK accounts which use the computer keyboard to input the codes, it has a number "block" to input the account code using the mouse, thereby stopping any key loggers from accessing the code.
Why don't the UK banks use this system?

  remind 11:55 27 Mar 06

LLoydsTSB already use something similar.

  Shas 11:56 27 Mar 06

So do Nationwide.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:12 27 Mar 06

Has anyone in the UK ever lost money from an online account due to keyloggers?


  rmcqua 13:09 27 Mar 06

My Citibank on-line account has used the mouse password method for about 3 years.

  DrScott 13:14 27 Mar 06

Require 3 bits of information to access their online banking, including a mouse entry bit where you have to select the relevent bits from your password via a mouse, as required by the screen. E.g. It will ask for, let's say, the 1st, 3rd and 5th digits of your password - so if your password was PCADVISOR you select P A and V before you can progress.

To me that seems very secure, though it would be more secure if when you made an error it didn't tell you until you'd gone through all 3 checks. At the moment, if you make an error on the first screen it alerts you there, and if you make an error on the second screen it alerts you that the error is there. So a hacker would know which password needed tweaking...

  ezypcy 14:16 27 Mar 06

Not quite Dr.
They are making it a single race and not 3 races.
If 3 then you could have a treble,3 doubles and 3 singles permutations.At the end you would simply be put back into your stalls!Only to do it all over again.
For the record I am not a horsey man.

  watchful 14:58 27 Mar 06

also require three bits of info. and they are very sensitive. If I don't touch a key with the usual pressure it hauls me back to try again.

  SANTOS7 15:30 27 Mar 06

I'm with Watchful, i have every confidence in Barclay's online banking.....

  DrScott 15:40 27 Mar 06


  watchful 18:00 27 Mar 06

With Barclays it's a 3-horse race and if you fall at the first hurdle then you're back to the starting gate.
If you have a succession of 'false starts' then you're disqualified and have to log-out and start again.
I'm not horsey either:0)

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