On-line banking

  charlton200 06:44 12 May 08

I have an on-line savings account.
If the account is solely internet - and my computer fail like it has in the past and been away for up to 2 months, what would be the best way to access the account, taking into account the security with computers in public buildings and bank accounts. What who you do?

Another question,

what is the best way to close an on-line account and withdraw all the you have in there?

thank you.

  laurie53 07:22 12 May 08

Have you asked your bank?

Even with an internet only account you should be able to make normal contact for a general enquiry such as this.

  charlton200 07:56 12 May 08

I haven't asked my bank yet as i don't need to close it for another month or 2, i just thought I'd ask to be prepared.

When I last used my library's computer which must have been 5 years ago, you were unable to access all the settings and file tools view etc.
how would you clear the cache?

Thanks for your advice.

  georgemac © 07:59 12 May 08

online banking always has a backup telephone banking service in my experience, I would use this.

  interzone55 09:02 12 May 08

Do you also have an ordinary high street bank account?

If so then simply transfer all your funds to that account, then follow the online bank's procedures for closing the account, they should be displayed in the help section, or the T & Cs.

As for accessing your account from a public computer, you should be reasonably safe, because every page showing your account details should be secure, i.e. the page address should start https: and there should be a padlock in the bottom right corner of the window. Secure pages are not cached, so as long as you don't allow the browser to save your password, and no-one is looking over your shoulder as you sign in you should be OK.

To be extra safe, before you start your banking session, check with one of the librarians to see if you can clear out the cache and page history.

  Pamy 09:25 12 May 08

You may be able to also use Phone Banking

  jakimo 13:00 12 May 08

If your bank has high street branches you can conduct transactions from there

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