To lighten the day..

  Bingalau 13:38 12 Jul 09

As I was perusing the BBC home page I spotted this item and thought "I will just see if this is how I do mine"... Blimey... Not quite in my league.

click here

  WhiteTruckMan 13:43 12 Jul 09

plus 1-2 hours cooking!

I've got two words to say to that, and one of them is Bugger!


  canarieslover 14:34 12 Jul 09

I'd have died of starvation just waiting that long!!

  crosstrainer 14:40 12 Jul 09

:)) 2 Hours for a bacon butty.

I think not!

I rarely cook "Proper meals" these day's but when I do.......

Oh heck, their goes Flintoff...Glad I staid at home today.

But those of us who live alone think about those nice Sunday Lunches when all the family were around the table.

I tend to use the simplified method of cooking these day's.

I organised a birthday party last night, and enjoyed it.

But on my own, Easiest is best...A 2 hour bacon butty.!!


  Brumas 14:40 12 Jul 09

I am surprised - I thought one always used this method, but there again one could be mistaken what ;o)

  Bingalau 17:02 12 Jul 09

Brumas. There's me thinking you just lived on bread and Jam doorstops.

crosstrainer. More like four hours with that two hour preparation time.

I think I will stick to my own recipe, stick the bacon under the grill while I toast the bread whack some beans in the microwave to heat up and stick the lot on a plate with oodles of brown sauce. Wolf down in two minutes flat. Total time taken in preparation nil, cooking time five minutes at most. Done and dusted in about ten minutes.... As punch would say to Judy "That's the way to do it". Forgot the important bit...leave washing up until the next day or until somebody else does it.

  BT 17:03 12 Jul 09

I NEVER put butter on a Bacon Buttie. I just dip the top slice in the hot bacon fat at the end and serve with brown sauce.

  BT 17:06 12 Jul 09

I had a Black Pudding Buttie the other day. First one for years. It was a favourite at work in the canteen with a dollop of 'Bubble' on the side. Mind you Black Pudding is best with Tomato Ketchup.

  crosstrainer 17:30 12 Jul 09

Brumas Bingalau:

Please don't fight over a bacon sandwich :))

  crosstrainer 17:34 12 Jul 09

That's how I make mine too!

Just came in after the usual dog walking..and another wicket has gone.

Game over.

Now then....On to a nice Lamb roast..:

Prep time? About 20 minutes.

Cook time?

About an hour and a half (Including roasters and all veg)


Large amount of food, have a plateful, confronted then with the greasy washing up.

Only for special occasions :))

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