Lewis Hamilton FI Driver

  ulrich 19:58 08 Jun 08

Please cool it down, you will throw it away otherwise.

  The Brigadier 20:03 08 Jun 08

Not good at Red Lights either!!!!!!!

  Coffee Adict 20:06 08 Jun 08

Bit of a rookie mistake that one, bet he doesn't do it again.

  rdave13 20:08 08 Jun 08

He wasn't the only one. Made a good race, though, especially with a poor track surface.

  Noldi 20:19 08 Jun 08

Kubica he’s the man. I’m sure Mercedes are smarting a bit with the German national anthem being played. When McLarens win (With Merc engines and major share holders) they play God save the Queen.


  Stuartli 20:57 08 Jun 08

Lewis will have to face charges of driving without due care and attention.

Three points on his licence, fine and costs handed out by the magistrates very likely, whilst his no claims bonus has gone for a burton...:-)

  Earthsea 21:16 08 Jun 08

I'm a Raikkonen fan. Not pleased...

  interzone55 21:24 08 Jun 08

How can you be a Raikkonen fan, the man has had a total charisma bypass.

And his comment to Martin Brundle when Schumacher retired was just downright rude...

Hamilton was well in the wrong today though, but then again, Raikkonen run up Sutil's rear end in Monaco & got away with it, so he just got payback today.

  Earthsea 21:32 08 Jun 08

'And his comment to Martin Brundle when Schumacher retired was just downright rude...'

Depends on your sense of humour.

  ulrich 21:51 08 Jun 08

But to crash into the back of the most boring person in the world deserves an MBE.

  shizzy 22:01 08 Jun 08

Kimi is a driver not PR man.

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