Lewis Hamilton

  ulrich 20:29 10 Jun 07

At last a proper racer. Overtaking, go for it.

A natural talent, yes. I do prefer Moto GP, as they are nearly proper racers. But YOU Mr Hamilton have just injected something into F1 and hopefully in to Silverstone

  bluto1 20:34 10 Jun 07

With his first win under his belt let there be no holding him. He is definitely the goods.

  Legolas 21:01 10 Jun 07

I am not really interested in Motor racing of any kind but I found myself watching the Canadian Grand Prix today. Lewis Hamilton is certainly a very promising talent and if he can get me watching he must be good. I am glad the driver that crashed (Robert Kubica) is OK although he does have a broken leg.

  polish 21:08 10 Jun 07

it was nice to hear the national anthem for a british driver again a great drive in difficult circumstances
not so good for robert kubica shows the strength of the cars and hope he is back soon

  Totally-braindead 21:11 10 Jun 07

Really great race and a well deserved win for Lewis, when the safety car went out the first time and he had just come out of the pits I thought it was all over as he had lost part of his time advantage as most of the other drivers managed to pit while the safety car was out.
But he kept his cool and kept going to a very well deserved win.

  ulrich 21:13 10 Jun 07

He was very lucky. I must admit I do not like these race tracks where you do not have anywhere to go when it goes wrong.

  Stuartli 21:44 10 Jun 07

The British Touring Car Championship has provided far more exciting and exhilerating motor sport than F1 for quite some time.

For those who like cars mostly following each other for nearly two hours I suppose it keeps them happy....

  Stuartli 21:46 10 Jun 07

Young Lewis is good and, if he maintains and builds on his curret standards, he will be very good indeed.

But he still has an awful lot to learn, although I'm rooting for him like so many others.

At least he seems to have the right attitude and temperament to go with the ability.

  Jackcoms 11:25 11 Jun 07

As they say in football circles "the boy done good!"

Excellent race.

  Si_L 12:25 11 Jun 07

I think it was a very humble thing for Alonso to admit he was not the No.1 McClaren driver. Hamilton would have had his first win in the last race, but was given team orders not to overtake Alonso (just because they like the No.1 in their team to win).

Hamilton is definitely the better driver, and hearing that come from the guy that beat Schumacher last season takes a lot of balls if you ask me.

Its also nice to have a British driver we can depend on. I like Button but he just doesn't cut it when it matters.

  Strawballs 14:08 11 Jun 07

Button's problem is that he has never had the car capble of delivering I would like to see him and Hamilton together at Mclaren to make an all British affair!!!

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